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Four Hints For Buying Premium Quality Cigars

If you love smoking cigars, it’s worth noting that you can get premium cigars whose quality are second to none without much struggle. High-end cigars contain only tobacco and not a mixture of tobacco and fillers. When it comes to the flavor as well as the potency of the high-end cigar, its advisable to go for cigars that are long and lumpy. Next, the cigar wrapper should not be heavily discolored or dry. If you like Cuban cigars you have to be on the lookout for their green warranty and white seal.

Exercise more caution when shopping because some mediocre cigar companies place fake Cuban cigars inside real cigar boxes. Yes, you heard me right! Another way to spot fake cigars is their price. Authentic Cuban premium cigars cost lots more than the fakes. In simple terms, they cost more than the average junk you purchase at your local store. The hints as discussed below will help you to buy the best quality cigars online.


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Dark coloration means better quality

When shopping for premium cigars you should always remember that the darker the cigar, the better the quality. Their flavor is also unmatched. It’s true that darker colored cigars boast of a bolder taste and are spicier compared to light colored cigars that come with a milder flavor. On the flipside, if you like the milder taste then purchase the lighter colored cigars.


Check the cigar wrapper

High-quality cigars come with a soft and oily look as well as feel because they are well humidified. The wrappers should also be free of blemishes and tiny veins that ruin the whole smoking experience.


Hunt for discounts

If you want to purchase high-end cigars in bulk, you have to visit the manufacturers or suppliers websites to seek discounts. It’s true that a significant number of them provide incredible discounts for their clients. Also, take advantage of the promo codes and coupons and don’t forget to check whether they are valid to avoid embarrassment when making payments.


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Get samplers

If you wish to try out cigars from different brands, buying samplers is the way to go. The samplers will give you an opportunity to taste a wide variety of cigars as you look for your favorite without spending much. You don’t have to buy a whole box of cigar just to try out a particular brand. Trying out different brands also gives you the chance to share new cigars with your friends.

Gone are the heydays when high-end cigars cost a fortune. With the tips as mentioned above, the process of finding them becomes a walk in the park. Just like mentioned earlier, hunt for cigars with a smooth look and a dark color because the darker the color, the better the flavor. The cigars should also burn evenly and have no green patches on the outside. Check the expiration date on the cigars to avoid buying those that have been on the shelves for an extended period. Such cigars are not potent. Visit for more about premium cigars.


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