Communication Method

Communication is the process of sending information from one point to another. There are various communication developments such as mobile, fax, telecommunication, E-mail and computer. Telephone services can be divided into three categories depending on the distance between the parties who are communicating. Telecommunication, this is the process of sending a message from one point to another. This message can be sent through fax, pictures or written documents. Also, this information can be sent through telephone calls which are grouped into local or international calls. Finally, you can send or receive information through the internet from anywhere in the world. This is through a developed form of postal service called E-mail.


History of Gmail

Gmail is a free email service which was launched about 15 years ago. Despite this service being young, it’s one of the leading email services in the world. This service only being used for personal reasons but it’s also being used by both small business and companies to communicate with their customers and workers. Some of the advantages of using Gmail is that it’s fast. It also contains unique features which make communication even. Having in mind Gmail is a Google platform is also integrated with other Google services.

Gmail and Fax

Did you know you can use Gmail to send a fax? Google doesn’t have a fax service. If you can be able to harmonize Gmail with an online fax service successfully, then you can be able to send a fax using Gmail. The only condition is that the online fax services should be able to allow you to send a fax using your computer without any other machinery. Unlike when using the fax machine this service is very fast. Therefore apart from boosting your communication, it will also help you to save a lot of time and money. This means that this service is very important. Below is the step by step procedure on how to send a fax when using Gmail services.


Differences Between an Email and E-Fax

There are two differences between a normal email and an e-fax. These are;
You have to add the fax no the recipient’s email field, then @ and finally followed by the domain of your fax provider. Lastly, you need to upload the fax content to the email message as an attachment. By doing so, the attached file will be converted to a fax signal. Below is the step by step procedure on how to send a fax when using Gmail services.


How to Send a Fax from Gmail

• Create a new email by using the normal compose button on Gmail.
• Enter the recipients’ information in the “TO” field. The syntax of the recipient’s information will be, fax number@ fax service
• On the subject field add your cover page. You can design the cover page by the use of the online fax service. It’s also important to note that this step is optional.
• Upload the files you want to send. This files will be automatically converted to a fax signal.
• Finally, proofread your fax and send.

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